The Path to Corrected Perception Is
Inward to Infinity...

What we do

Nurture the condition of your mind, body, energetic field, and soul.

I’ve been a healer and teacher for over 25 years. After working in corrections, mental health, and hospital social work, I decided to merge my traditional psychotherapeutic and social work training with my alternative education as a shaman, energetic healer, body worker, and mystic.

The result is my method called Dimensional Wisdom.
In this approach, we will address and nurture the condition of your mind, body, energetic field, and soul.

Tailored products upon request

Counseling/life coaching

- psychotherapy and mentoring

Shamanic journey work

- this work encompasses entering a non-ordinary reality to find answers. Karma cord cutting, soul retrievals, power animal retrievals, extractions, connecting to spirit guides, and past live healings are all on the menu.

New book "Sovereignty"

– a metaphysical toolbox for empaths, healthcare workers, family, friends, and lovers!

Darmaja energetic healing

– my healing art that will increase the flow of Qi throughout your being.

Ankh program

- my specialized 6-month program of 24-28 sessions to take you to a higher plane of existence!

Long distance healing

 – an affordable program to assist individuals, family, and friends.

Ken Gong DVD

 – this incorporates my energetic shielding technique along with my short and long form of qi gong to generate and cultivate your vital energy.


Merging Traditional and alternative healing paths

Merging a traditional and alternative healing path has given me a unique perspective on helping others — I can think outside the box. As a healer, teacher, and author, I bring cultural competence as a person of color and proudly carry a banner for all, including women and my LGBTQ brothers and sisters.

We want to bring transformation

The goal of Dimensional Wisdom is to provide you with tools and guidance to raise your vibration. When you raise your vibration, you change your perception. A change in perception of how one perceives reality is a key ingredient to improving one’s reality.


What they're saying


I have been training with Ken for 10 years and the Mystics class is the culmination of that training. It is an elite class for those who really want to get down to their spiritual growth both for personal and planetary benefit...


My training experience with Ken has been a very enlightening year. This teaching has aligned me with a journey that I had no idea I was on. I have resonated with stuff I never imagined...





Offering the benefits of a safe and nurturing sangha




One-on-one focus with a mystic and shaman

Ankh Program



A life-transforming 6-month intensive